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Life Feels Harder for Me… Could it Be ADHD?

Life can be hard for everyone, right?

But what if deep down you truly believe that life IS harder for you? Sure, your co-workers and mom-friends have countless stories of how hard it is “to do it all” … but somehow, they are still managing. They are still coping while you feel lost and confused and wonder how you got into this mess. You feel shame and sometimes even wonder if you are somehow broken.

What if a significant reason why you are struggling is because you are trying to live up to the expectations set by a modern-day world that does not align with how your brain works?

Maybe that would explain why things that are considered inherently “easy” for others can be such a challenge for you. What if by knowing how your unique beautiful brain worked, you could hack your life so that you felt in control instead of feeling like it is running you? That would be so empowering!

Click below to read more about some hints that perhaps your brain might not work the same way as the typical brain:

Hint #1: “Adulting” is hard

Hint #2: Feelings of “Unmet” Potential

Hint #3: You feel like you’re inconsistent

Hint #4: You procrastinate, and you don’t know why

Hint #5: You take things so personally


Feeling seen and understood?

If any of these hints resonated with you, then I offer you to be curious as to whether you have the neurodiversity of ADHD. I encourage you to read up on ADHD, and not just the diagnostic criteria. If you look for information on people’s lived experiences with ADHD, you might have better awareness as to whether you may be impacted by ADHD. If you do wonder if you have ADHD, please go see a medical professional. Even if you hate labels, the self-awareness that your brain works differently will empower you to find ways to figure out how to live life in a way that works for you.

Sure, life can be hard if you are impacted by ADHD… but it can also be successful, amazing, and fulfilling when you are willing to learn more about how your neurodiverse brain works and create a life that leans into your strengths. I am biased, but I truly believe that ADHD Life Coaching can make a difference in creating a life where you do not feel that your ADHD negatively impacts you. As far as I am aware, there is no “curing” ADHD… but when you learn to use it to your advantage, why would you want to?

Laura Helfrich is a trained ADHD Life Coach who specializes in understanding the pervasive impact that ADHD can have on women. Using wonder and collaboration, she helps her clients to find personalized solutions that help bring more success and happiness to their everyday lives. To learn more, check out her website at

Which of these hints resonated with you?

  • 0%“Adulting” is hard

  • 0%Feelings of “Unmet” Potential

  • 0%You feel like you’re inconsistent

  • 0%You procrastinate, and you don’t know why


Please note that I am an ADHD-informed Life Coach, and I am not a medical professional. The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Always seek advice from your physician, mental health professional, or other qualified healthcare provider as they are the experts.

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