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Dandelion Meadow

About ADHD Coaching:

It is not enough to know ADHD; each client must understand their own specific brand of ADHD and how it manifests in different situations.


A well-trained, certified ADHD coach has the skills and tools to educate their clients in simple, memorable, and creative ways so that they will understand and identify how their particular brand of ADHD shows up in different situations.


Individualized education of each person’s ADHD is the foundation for the successful management, and eventual progress, with ADHD.

~ ADD Coaches Academy ~

About Coaching with Focus Simplified:

From my very first session with Laura, I felt that she saw me, she was able to witness my unique strengths and struggles, without pre-conceived notions or assumptions getting in the way.


She was very skilled at reflecting back to me capacities I already had, but that I was forgetting or not paying attention to, and this made each session transformative in a very powerful way.


I deeply appreciated her attention and persistence in focusing on strengths and successes, from a place of compassion and honest reflection. Her ADHD literacy was really essential for me to trust her, and for her coaching to fit my needs.


My 9 sessions with her were nothing short of transformational, and I really hope we can work together again in the future.

~ Jodi P. ~

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